How choose my first saxophone:

When we go buy a saxophone we wonder: A sax in E flat sax or B flat? Firstly we´ll clear this question. Saxophones in B Flat we have the tenor and soprano, beside the E flat sax are the baritone and alto. So we have 4 versions of saxophones available to buy. And the another question is: which shall I buy to begin my musical learning? I suggest to begin with alto sax (E flat), for many reasons: like the weight of the instrument, for kids principally, embouchure, the work with the air column (breathing) to make correctly the musical notes, specially the extremes of the high and low registers, as the price too, more cheap than others sax. It´s not a rule, but we should consider this points descripted above. Now you have the choosen sax, you are ready to start your first saxophone lesson, you have to find a good instructor to do this. In the “Tip #2”, we´ll discuss each sax´s part. If you have any doubt make contact by the site, see ya.


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