Choosing a good instructor.

Hello, i´m back with a new “tip”, where i´ll talk about how to choose a good sax instructor to begin your musical studies. This subject refer to everyone that want to iniciate the learning of a musical instrument, be aware with the below orientations. 1. Look for a competent professional to initiate your studies, never begin without orientations, this can bring troubles that will have to be corrected in the future. If you want to save your time, don´t start practicing by yourself.
2. Look for a Professional with a good course of study and experience in the "art of teaching"
3. Teachers that promise good results immediately, distrust this ones, musical study requires time, dedication, discipline, and a lot of patience. Your musical growth must be pleasant and good oriented.
4. Don´t look for the cheapest courses, but valorize the quality. Teachers or Musical Schools with low prices, don´t valorize the musical study and don´t have the appropriated structure.
5. Search for musical institutes, where you feel pleased to be, with the proper classrooms, a good class program and good methods.
6. And don´t forget, to start your theory lessons too. It´s fundamental for the beginning student.
I hope this orientations, help´s everyone and find the right way, since the starting lesson. In the next tip I´ll talk more about the saxophone, as promised in the "tip#1", see ya.
Ed Fogaça


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