What is the best mouthpiece to use?

Today I´ll talk about appropriate mouthpiece for each one and each situation. The logic is the same as choosing a reed, where mouthpiece more “tight” is best for the sax beginners students, as you grow in your musical studies you can change your mouthpiece.
Firstly it´s important to understand what means the mouthpiece “tip opening”:
The opening is the space between the tip rail and the edge of the reed, the bigger distance between they, more air will pass, beginners usually don´t have the appropriate breathing technique to play, that´s why it´s recommended to beginners mouthpieces more tight. We need to make the appropriated match between the size of the reed and the tip opening of your mouthpiece, as a general rule, you can use a more tight mouthpiece and a harden reed, and in a more loose mouthpiece you will need a more soft reed, and of course, it can vary in a different case. A good combination between mouthpiece and reed will result in the same difficulty to get the high and low notes of your sax. A good teacher will help you in this task.
Don’t buy your mouthpiece before to talk with your teacher or a capable musician, because he may help you. Don´t choose by the price, brand or the “seller´s talk”, understand that each one have a personal adaptation to a specific mouthpiece. Be patient in the beginning of your musical studies, suddenly, you like of a specific sound, timber, but your musical technique prevents you to use that mouthpiece that you like, so keep practicing, improving, principally your breathing technique, for the future you can choose with more knowledge and technique your mouthpiece desired.
Mouthpieces with metal tend to have a sound quality more sharp, while the ebonite mouthpiece have a warmer sound, having some variations by the combination between embouchure, reed and saxophone.
I finish this section giving a suggestion, practice a lot, exercises the strengthen your lips musculatures (embouchure), exercises for your breathing and a adjusted instrument, because if you don´t have this things clear you hardly will find the “proper mouthpiece”.
Greetings and a good practice
Ed Fogaça


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