Embouchure is a mainly discussed subject in the early sax studies. If it’s not clearly understood and with a good orientation, problems with the properly your embouchure can be extended for several years. Here’s some important tips :

1. As said before in another “TIP”, always use a proper mouthpiece and reed, so you can produce a clear and natural sound.

2. Try to not fold your inferior lip inside your mouth, you will only cause discomfort, it can even hurt or let your mouth bleeding. Your musical instrument must be pleasure to play and not painful. Your embouchure must be as natural as possible.

3. The right position of the mouthpiece inside your mouth can be measured in this way: put a piece of paper between the mouthpiece and the reed, the limit of the paper is where your inferior lip must be. (It’s not a general rule, but can be a good starting point).

4. Never press or loose your inferior lip as an effortless way to get specific notes. Repeating: never do this!

5. Superior teeth always supported in the mouthpiece.

6. If you note an excessive vibration in your teeth, you can use some protection for mouthpiece and teeth, you can find this in any musical instruments store, with a low cost.

7. Do not let your tongue to harm in the air flow between mouthpiece and reed.

* With this instructions you can start to solve some embouchure problems, but remember, the orientation of a good instructor will help a lot!

Best regards,

Ed Fogaça


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